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OK, so, due to being really -quite- rubbish it has been about a month… - Xero. Distilled.
OK, so, due to being really -quite- rubbish it has been about a month since my last entry (or entry-ette, tiny as it was). And that was when I was actually writing stuff, which I didn't really do again till last night, when I wrote a couple of thousand words of actual 'stuff', rather than just notes, which is more 'actual 'stuff'' than I have written in the six previous months. Not including RPG rules, which I have also been writing.

The point, anyway, is that I intended, and intend, to write something everyday, a pretty mundane and common claim/ goal/ thing, but something I really need to do, either to write something here, or something along a creative pathway (there are several I have scouted out, now I just need to do some trailblazing and get my mental machete stuck into hacking down plotline and character type vines and creepers. or something).

When I used to write here loads, and I may have said this before, my writing used to flow a lot easier. Even when it was nothing more than nonsense about my life (god knows what nonsense I'm going to write here now, apparently I have no life anymore), sorry, even when it was just nonsense about my life it was still words, in an order, and the more you turn over words in your mind, and beneath your fingers, as with anything, the better you become at it (to a point), but it's a skill I've let slip somewhat. So I apologise, because what appears here will be reflections from the inside of my shiny white skull, and (if all goes to plan) they will be appearing regularly. So feel free to skip them, just glaze over them, and in return, for those of you that do read them, I'll try not to let too much of my bitterness shine through... but it's hard just being happy around other people, it's other people that bring you down ;) (there, I promise that's all the bitterness for this post)

It is past my bedtime now, I have worked the weekend and will continue with more of the same tomorrow, and when I'm trying to gether myself too. But, instead of using that just as an excuse to put this off for another day (seriously, like every day I've thought about writing this note, to begin this thing again and every day it hasn't happened), instead of doing that, I'm actually writing this before I go to bed.

So, goodnight and, hopefully, me and my brain will be here again tomorrow.
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angelxero From: angelxero Date: November 24th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know if I'm quite up to three pages yet, =) and, you know, mornings?? ;)
I think sometimes the pressure in your mind can work to your advantage without clearing it out first, sometimes, other times, yeah, it can be good to get some of the clutter out of the way. Also, it's always been my way out of writer's block, should such a thing exist... just sit and write anything, even if that thing is 'I can't think of anything to write', because, especially if you don't need to worry about anyone reading it, everyone can think of something to write, it just might not be exactly what they want to write. Does that make sense?
Tis better to write something irrelevant/ pointless than to write nothing at all. Methinks.
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