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Xero. Distilled.
So... Transformers...

I went into this film in two minds, plenty of folk I know have already seen this and people have loved it, and people have hated it. I dislike going into a movie with high expectations, I am invariably disappointed. I usually enjoy a film far more if I go expecting nothing great, nothing more than an amusing distraction.

So maybe it was because I was in two minds going in, the expectation of disappointment flickering in a tiny spark of hope, that I came out in two minds.

It was a very entertaining and enjoyable film. It was one of the worst films I have seen this year.

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I'm not going to go into the incorrect tranformer/ vehicle situation. VW wouldn't license the beetle, get over it. My only complaint is with Optimus' big splash page entrance. Forget the shape of the cab, it's that they ruined the iconic blue and red paintjob by splattering my-first-Need-for-Speed flaming decals up the side of it.

It's a film that has loads of good moments that Michael Bay and team manage to ruin with some utter crap. So, my final word is: enjoy this movie, but while you do so, hate every other moment of it.

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Welcoming Grime

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It's actually quite difficult to type with a cat headbutting your arm for attention... *^_^*

It's also quite difficult to know where to start a blog entry when you haven't blogged (as in 'life events'-blogged) in a while. But since I'm going to try and make this a more regular thing, and this time without any gimicks, I need to get back into the habit. Because it's good to have a record of what you've doen with your life, and because it's good for me as a writer to write more. When I used to LJ all the time writing and phrasing and sentence structure came to me so much more easily and now that I have become, in some ways, more sophisticated as a writer I'm actually writing less so my writing is less natural. It would be good for this to change... :)

Along general lines I have a lot of spare time at the moment because school's out (for the summer) and when I work it's usually in the evening (being bar work) so I have vast tracts of day lying fallow. Typically at the beginning of the summer the Xbox 360 special fertilizer grew a bumper lazy crop (with addictive games like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne - yes, I have been playing board games on my next generation console). However, I've recently taken to breaking the day up a bit with more useful, wholesome activities like reading (non-fiction stuff for my dissertation and sci-fi books), sorting through my photos, a little writing and other things. This is better, could be better still, but I'm getting somewhere.

More specifically... I was in the big city on the weekend for the Queynte album launch at Slimelight (not that the album was actually ready *v_v* ). It was a little quiet (Slimes as a whole), and the quietest Queynte gig I think I've been to (audience-wise, the sound was as loud as you'd hope). It was a tight set, but not my favorite so far, I think I enjoyed the last Slimes gig the most. The other support and the headliners weren't very good live bands in all honesty. I'm not really familiar with either of them so this is no comment on the music (which seemed OK), but they had no impact, it almost might as well have been a CD playing... All in all I had a pretty wicked night though, a bunch of Norwich folk came down and I got really quite drunk! =D I had a bit of a dance later on (so Kara tells me, I can just about remember that bit), then we crashed at Dylan and Cat's place for the 'night'. We went for a full English breakfast in a Turkish restaurant (s'true!) with them on Sunday, before setting out on the car safari (otherwise known as 'Dude, Where's My Car? London Edition'). It's the first time I've met either of them (Dylan and Cat) properly and they both seem very cool (my opinion in no way influenced by the cute cats... no, siree *^_~* )

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Audio: The Orb

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Clocktowering I'm trying to put a little more text with my Flickr images now (although that's not such a new thing). Just to say a little about what I think of the picture, about the subject itself and maybe a little biography - personal or on the subject.

Hopefully it might encourage people to visit other images to see what they say, although I suppose they're only going to want to read about the image if they find the image itself interesting, and that is always the challenge. It's not good enough on somewhere like Flickr to just take an excellent, well-framed, well-considered photo (and I'm not saying at this point that my images qualify as that), because there are thousands of users who do just that, so your photo not only has to be excellent but innovative as well, and only operating at that kind of level consistently will make people re-visit, surely. A lofty target indeed.

None of my photos have yet hit even a thousand views (although the one of me naked is approaching 900, this is the internet after all), a few have cracked the one hundred mark and even making that low hurdle makes me a little proud.

There are of course other aspects to Flickr (and this must apply to many internet sites, where new posts are rapidly drowned in a deluge of newer posts and making yourself stand out must be more than a matter of barrage), people sift the oceans of photos via thumbnails, tags and groups, so your image must intrigue as a thumbnail as well, and a judicial re-application and timed, tactical shifting of groups can bring your image (thumbnailed) before a fresh potential audience. For example, there are groups for images with a hundred views or more, which not only, in theory, contains photos good enough for that many people to have paid attention in the first place, but it also puts the photo back at the top of a new pile for more people to look at and, hopefully, increase the number of views (which in turn might push it into the 200+ qualifying bracket, and so on).

Final thought - when someone else views a photograph of somewhere you have been, are you placing one of your memories in their head? If something moves you and you try to capture that moment, freeze it into a single distilled frame, so that you may show it to others, is that any different from a philosophical or political argument, trying to affect others thoughts or influence them with your own?

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father, portrait

I like this photo, but I obviously set the sensitivity high because it was an indoors shot and that's resulted in the colour in his face not being as clean as I would have liked. Still, this was early days, and I'm still learning. (the trite reply, of course, is to ask if we ever truly stop learning... *^_~* )

I also found it difficult to work with because the foreground was darker than the background.

This Is My Good Side

And... a picture of a pigeon.
Didn't I once say I would become a world famous pigeon photographer?* Well, that dream has not been forgotten, one day Taschen will be begging me for the exclusive rights to my pigeon photos, and there will be cheap pocket books and expensive deluxe limited edition (with postcard set) books and it will be the dawn of a fowl renaissance. ;)

*I did. If you can't remember this scintillating piece of LJ drama then you'll either have to search for it yourself or wait till I'm being paid to look for it in the process of writing my biography (Pigeons, I've None) - or, more likely, till someone else is being paid to look for it as I shall be too internationally (and ornothologically) renowned and important to have to do such things for myself.
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one foggy morning

This is just a little something on my way to cleaning up my camera dumps. They take up a huge chunk of my hard drive, to the point that I haven't been taking photos because I've not got the space to download them to...

I may post again soon, or I may not... *^_~*


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OK so, knowing myself, maybe monthly issues was a little optimistic.

Just a little update about the current cover for now, and a longer update after the weekend. Probably.

Tomorrow (June 15th) is my birthday. I shall be... older. (actually, my DoB is on my user info, I'm not really coy about my age, especially since most people think I look quite a lot younger than I actually am - I do still get IDed occasionally)

I don't really like to do anything too special for birthdays, it allows too much opportunity for disappointment in people, so I would normally arrange some last minute pub or meal t'ing. However, since tomorrow is Chains, that will do. I require all of your presences. (those of you that are actually in the country, obviously, and indeed, maybe just some of those of you who live in Norwich) (yes, that sentence does make sense) I do not require your presents though, a birthday hug is sufficient. *^_~*

Also, I now have an HD Drive for my xbox 360. Um... that's about all I have to say about that for now.

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OK, so I re-appeared then just quietly sat in the corner, but between work and Uni I've been quite busy, a couple more deadlines to hit in the next couple of weeks then I should have a little more time. Maybe. =)


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issue 0


So, this is the new format, a cover image at the front, then a new cover image with splash text (or whatever it's actually called, I may have just made that name up) at the other end, with an editorial, saying I've done f* all this month, or I've had a successful month or whatever.

This may seem odd to come at the end, but in terms of the magazine format if yu look at issue 0, then this cover appears first with this editorial. Not that anyone's about to look at the back issues, but, you know, when I'm rich and famous... *^_~*

So this is the catch up issue, I hope you're all up to date, next month should be all new and exciting adventures in angelxero land.... =)

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