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"Arise ye prisoners of reality; you have nothing to lose but your marbles" - Xero. Distilled.
"Arise ye prisoners of reality; you have nothing to lose but your marbles"
So says Simon R. Green...

Woah, three for three... Don't worry, it won't last. For example, I already don't know what to write. So, taking my own advice, I should start by writing, 'I don't know what to write', which appears to be what I have done... ;) And via the wonderment and flexibility of the electronic medium I could always begin there, spiral outwards into other regions of wordyness and then delete this intro, erasing any evidence that I was ever stuck for words.

There was a time when people would have been amazed that I couldn't think of something to say, maybe some people still would be. I suppose I find it a strange thing, to talk about anything physical, to discuss things that are so transient, like what you did the other night, like something that happened when you were younger, or drunk, or playing table tennis. It all seems so mundane, when you can have conversations about thoughts and the human mind and the way everything works, or even just the way people work... the way things work, religion, literature, jokes, people... now that's interesting.

Not really sure what I'm trying to say there, or, to be more precise, I am sure, I'm just not so sure how to express it. I think. ;) It's just in conversation where I used to blather on I kind of think nowadays that it is just blather, telling the same story for the third, fourth time, which in some ways is the brilliance of things like facebook and LJ - when we're all connected then we won't need to tell the same story again each time we meet people, we tell it once and everyone knows. We only need say we got dumped and people know not to mention it and dredge up feelings in the retelling of the story, or we only need once say how amazing a concert was, how stressful a day was at work, how much we're looking forward to the weekend's parties. And stories won't get exagerated each time they're told, because they are told once. This has all been a distraction from what I was originally trying to say, that I suppose I find myself less conversational because I increasingly find other people's conversation somewhat banal, and don't want them to start thinking the same of me.

I'm thinking of no one in particular there, and to be honest it's not something I've noticed so much recently. Possibly because, as previously mentioned, I have no life, or possibly because there is just a higher breed of conversation from Waterstone's staff. Oh look, I sound pretentious, there's a f*cking surprise ;)
That did actually sound a lot harsher than I meant it. But it's not any particular time period I'm thinking of, or any particular person, I just think I can be naturally socally paranoid because i grew up without a lot of social interaction so I become over-aware of how I am, so I notice when I hear myself saying something that I think is dum, so it sticks in my mind. or when someone else says something that I think is dum, and I don't want to make the same mistake.
So in conclusion... ;) what I'm probably trying to say is that everyboy says things that are a little dull from time to time, I just maybe notice it more nowadays, remember it more (which is odd, cos I never remember anything that is actually useful...).

Was there a point to any of that. Not sure, but, it proves that a basic beginning can lead to a rambling chunk of writing, and since the point here is more just to produce some writing than to actually have a point I would say that this has been, in some small way at least, a success, even if it makes no sense, isn't that interesting and may in fact be slightly insulting... sorry ;)
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dogsolitude_v2 From: dogsolitude_v2 Date: November 25th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
If you're stuck for something to write, why not leaf through the dictionary and write something about the first word you come across? Or, I dunno... I once saw a Writers Block made out of post-it sized bits of paper with text written on it that was designed to inspire.

Hm. In the words of Bauhaus: smalltalk stinks... :o)
angelxero From: angelxero Date: November 26th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
We have sold the writer's block, it wasn't for me... pretty crappy obvious things if I recall. I've thought about the dictionary thing before as well, but when I actually tried to put it into practice I found there are far more unintersting everyday words in the dictionary than intersting inspirational ones... probably some comment on society/ culture in there... ;)

I usually find imagery more inspirational, which is why I have shelves stacked with art books.

How about you? How's the music coming? I've been off the net in any meaningful way for a while so I won't have noticed anything new =/ (although, can you be on the net in any meaningful way, really?) ;)

The net is made up of porn and small talk... both can be said to stink... ;)
angelxero From: angelxero Date: November 26th, 2008 02:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
apparently I can't type 'interesting' without missing the second 'e'
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