Xero. Distilled.


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John Xero
Xero. Distilled. Time to break things down. Simplify.

This is me. John Xero.

Hi. =)

First up, I'm a writer. That's how I identify myself. I write stuff.

It gets more complicated...

I couldn't live without music. I'm into a whole load of things, primarily electronic based music, but that could be electronica, trance, house, hardcore, ebm, noize... (and all the prefixed variations of those yu can think of). I've always considered myself a dance kiddie at heart though. I just don't go out as much as I used to, as I still want to... my body loves to dance, craves a rhythm to move to. *^_^*

I'm a geek. No, really. Comics, sci-fi, roleplay, movies, anime, Xbox360... I'm your guy. Undeniably, unashamedly.

I am very much my own person, with my own opinions, my own (flexible) morals and my own choices.

I'm very confident within myself, who I am, my beliefs, ideals and ideas; I'm less confident socially to the point of being shy or awkward with people I don't know too well.

I'm an amateur photographer. Something very much in progress, very much developing. (oooh... bad pun _so_ not intended...) I Flickr. [click] My second most viewed photo is of a mushroom. :|

As a writer:
I have a project called Hidden Tracks [click] with a friend of mine:

I also keep another livejournal for bits and pieces of writing related stuff that leaks out around the edges. [click]

Further complications...

I work part-time in a cult sci-fi type store [click], as assistant, buyer and web monkey.

I'm studying for a creative writing degree (BA) at Norwich School of Art and Design [click]


This was real on 14th July 2006.

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